Samuel Day 30: Confronting Sin

2-samuelRead 2 Samuel 11 and 12

Chapter eleven tells the story of David’s sin. Be sure to listen to my message on this chapter if you missed it.

Chapter twelve starts out by saying, “The LORD sent Nathan to David.” You can always count on God exposing your sin. Not because he wants to shame you, but because he loves you and he knows that your sin will rob your joy.

When I was a kid, my dad used to pay me a dollar for every wheelbarrow of firewood that I cut. One time my blade was dull and the work was going slow. I realized that if I carefully placed each log in the wheelbarrow in a strategic way, I could “fill” the wheelbarrow with much less wood. I felt pretty smart.

A few days later my dad told me that he was at a candy store where they charged him full price for a bag of candy but when he got home he found it was only half full. I was disgusted to hear that we only got half the candy…until I realized it was just a story. My dad made his point and I remember it well today.

Regret & Consequences

God told David that his sin showed “utter contempt” (NLT) for God. Another version said he blasphemed God’s name (NASB) before other people. I’m sure David didn’t get out of bed that night with the intent of trashing God’s name. But it can easily happen if you just move with your desires.

Sometimes sin leaves you with regret. But sometimes, like David, it leaves you with consequences, and the consequences can impact those you love more than they do you. That makes it especially hard.

You might ask, “Why did the child have to die?” There are some things in scripture that aren’t explained and I find it useless to speculate. In God’s wisdom, there was a good reason. But be careful…don’t assume that every death or tragedy is orchestrated by God. This is ONE story. In THIS story God took David’s child. It doesn’t mean that every death is God’s way of punishing someone. Sometimes bad things just happen.

Forgiveness Allows You to Move On

I like David’s response. He didn’t wallow in grief. He moved through it and moved on with his life. You see, he really believed that God forgave him, and when you really believe that, you don’t have to keep beating yourself up.

What’s amazing to me in this story is that, even though David’s relationship with Bathsheba was illicit, God still loved their next child. God’s forgiveness allowed God to move on as well. David had a clean slate with God. God didn’t put David under a life long curse for his sin. Solomon was loved by God and became a great king.

There are some important lessons for you here as you reflect on your own sin. As terrible as was David’s sin, he admitted it, repented from it, was forgiven for it, and moved on from it. I hope you can do the same.

Prayer: Father, help me to see my sin and admit it fully. Help me to grasp how my sin shows you contempt and diminishes you in the eyes of others. And help me to receive the fullness of your forgiveness so I can live with gratitude and serve you more fully.

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