Twisted Truth Part 1: Invisible World

This week we started a new series titled, Twisted Truth.  In this series we will explore some common twists on biblical truths and how this twists effect our lives.  In this message Pastor Kyle points out that there is an Invisible world that affects our visible world every day, this invisible world manipulates us into believe lies about scripture and God. Check out this message to uncover what this unseen force is and stick with us throughout the series as we clarify what he bible teaches about these four common twisted truths. You can read through the sermon by downloading the file here.


If you missed the message on July 1st you can check out the video above, or you can grab the podcast and Check out this episode!  You can also download a copy of the sermon text HERE!

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3 Responses to Twisted Truth Part 1: Invisible World

  1. wayne grow says:

    text for july 1

  2. wayne grow says:

    unable to access sermon text. Google will not allow

    • Hi Wayne,
      I updated the link so it should work now! If not, let me know if you received my email with the PDF; I emailed it yesterday and I hope it came through!
      Sorry for the inconvenience!

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