Salt & Light Part 6: The Narrow Gate by F. Remy Diederich

Remy closes out the Salt and Light series by looking at two famous quotes: The Golden Rule and The Wide and Narrow Gates. Contrary to popular thought, Remy shows how these verses are inseparably linked and central to Jesus’ message.Read the text version by downloading the file here.

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Salt and Light, Part Five: God and Money

In part five of this series on the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus looks at our fear of our needs not being met. How can we be sure God will meet our needs? Remy shares some timeless principles on money that every believer should be aware of. Read the message by downloading the file here. Study questions included.

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Deep Hurt, Deep Healing: Part Three, Abuse Recovery

Remy invited Dr. Kimmery Newsom to join him to tell her story of recovering from abuse and to offer her insights. She is an Assistant Professor of Human Development and Family Studies at the University of Stout. Note: The podcast is from the second service where we had a little more time to address the issues. The Facebook Live video is from the first service.Read the notes (not the full transcript) from the message here.

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Mission Possible: Go Serve

At Cedarbrook, we created Mission Possible Weekend, where we poured all of our mission fundraising into one “over-the-top” fun weekend. On Sunday morning, Pastor Kyle interviewed two groups of people that have gone on mission trips to hear what led them to do it and how God used the trip in their lives. Listen in and be inspired! By the way, we raised $50,000 to send out 100 people on mission trips in 2018!

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