Losing Your Religion: Nicodemus, by F. Remy Diederich

Jesus often made religious people feel uncomfortable because he didn’t focus on rituals and traditions like they were used to. He focused on knowing God personally. In this final message in the series, Remy focuses in on an encounter Jesus has with a religious man to show him why losing his religion was necessary to see God.Read the text of the message here.

Losing Your Religion: Part One by F. Remy Diederich

It’s something we don’t like to admit to or talk about: doubting God. Worse yet, losing faith. But the church should be the safest place to talk about both. In this new series, Remy looks at how John the Baptist doubted Jesus and what Jesus said he needed to do to rediscover his faith. Remy discusses a variety of reasons as to why people lose faith but zeroes in on tragedy and unanswered prayer. Read the text version here.



FREEWAY Part 7: Freedom – By Pastor F. Remy Diederich

The FREEWAY process is something that we need to keep cycling through. We want to develop a habit of continually becoming aware by “looking in the mirror, “ then discovering what’s wrong, taking ownership of it, forgiving ourselves and others, and then walking in freedom. In this weeks podcast, Pastor Remy wraps up the Freeway series by interviewing a special guest who knows what finding real freedom looks like. Read the text of the message here.

FREEWAY Part 6: Acceptance – By F. Remy Diederich

When we mess up, we can be so hard on ourselves that we never allow God to show us his love. When we fail, we can be so judgmental and condemning that we immediately berate and punish ourselves, never allowing ourselves to be restored to God. Even though God doesn’t have a problem loving us in our mess, WE do. So how do we find a way to accept ourselves? Pastor Remy explains in this weeks podcast. Read the sermon text here.

FREEWAY Part 5: Forgiveness – By F. Remy Diederich

When someone hurts us our first reaction is often to retaliate, complain, and distrust. But as Pastor Remy discusses in this week’s message, forgiveness should be our first move. Forgiveness transforms our pain. But how do we forgive? Remy looks at the words of Jesus for three ideas on how to forgive our offenders.  Read the message here. Be sure to listen or read to the end where Remy offers his book, STUCK, for free.