Preventing Relational Meltdowns

In our final week of the series, “Preventing Relational Meltdowns” pastor Kyle shared about preventing relational meltdowns with our kids.  In this message Kyle explored that to prevent relational meltdowns with our kids we must love them like Jesus loves them.  That is much easier said than done. Kyle’s wife Anna Gunderson along with Darren and Sarah Shonts helped add practical wisdom on how we can love our kids with the same type of love that Jesus has for them.  You can listen, watch, or read the sermon HERE.

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Preventing Relational Meltdowns #2 – Conflict Resolution

In week #2 of our series, “Preventing Relational Meltdowns” Matt and Suzie Kendziera share about how each and every one of us have conflict in our lives and how we can all make changes to prevent these conflicts from becoming Relational Meltdowns.  Matt and Suzie are the cofounders of “In It Together” marriage ministry, they continue to inspire many couples in our congregation through this message and their marriage date nights.  Thanks Matt and Suzie for being apart of the Cedarbrook family.

Who Needs Christmas? God Does by Kyle Gunderson

In week 2 of our Christmas series: “Who Needs Christmas”, Pastor Kyle helps us understand that God needed Christmas.  We have all heard the phrase, “Actions speak louder than words”, and God knew this to be true as well.  The story of Jesus birth, otherwise known as the story of Christmas, is one time that God choose to take action to show us just how much he loved us.  God needing Christmas, that might be a new thought for many of us, but God needed Christmas to demonstrate his love for each and everyone of us.  If you missed it, we hope that you will take some of your time to watch or listen to the sermon. You can also download a copy of the sermon text HERE.


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