B.L.E.S.S. – Eating Together

The BLESS series is less about sharing a message and more about sharing your life. In this episode, Remy looks at the importance of developing a lifestyle of sharing your life through food. Read the message here along with study questions.

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The Bible’s Big Story: David

This week in pat five of our sermon series Kyle explored the story of King David.  He looked at many of David’s failures and helped frame them as added proof of Gods unfailing love for His always failing people.  You can download a transcript of the sermon here. The Bible’s Big Story 5 King David and God’s HESED love

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The Bible’s Big Story: Women in the Bible

This message was given on Mother’s Day. Remy stayed in Genesis an extra week to dig deeper into what the Bible says about women. How we interpret Genesis 1-3 will determine how interpret the entire Bible. Read the text version of the message here with study questions.

For further study, here is a three part series on women in the Bible.

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