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Sermon Series – Circles

These circles gather around to discuss the current sermon, using the Going Deeper Questions found on the back of the Sermon Notes each Sunday. If you missed it, you can always listen online HERE and get the discussion questions at this LINK.


Who Is This Man? – Mark’s Story:
Starting February 4, this sermon series will take us through a nine-week study of the book of Mark, ending on Easter. It’s obvious that Mark presents Jesus in a way to force people to answer the question: Who is this man? Story after story confronts the reader. By the time you are done with the book Mark hopes the answer is obvious.

If you sign up to be on the e-list, Pastor Remy will send out devotional thoughts no more than five times a week. He will also pass along any helpful videos or other information that might make the story more meaningful. And, of course, he will also answer any questions that he gets back from people. Email pastor(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) to join the e-list.

The circles listed below are open to join in at any time. To join, log into inFellowshipsearch for “Sermon Series” under Categories, select the circle you want, then sign up. The leader will contact you with specific directions if needed.

  • Iron Men 27:17  For Men Only – Saturdays, starting 1/13, 7:00 AM- 9:00 AM at Denny’s Restaurant – Leaders: Jim Welch, Phil Tonn, & Darren Shonts.
  • Plum City – Wednesdays,  starting 1/10, 7:00 PM- 9:00 PM, Burgs’ home – Leaders: Dick & Dar Traynor.



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