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These circles are just for women, at any season of life. Read the descriptions below to decide which one is right for you, then go to inFellowship to login, search for Women under Categories, and select the study you are interested in, and sign up! Follow the links in the descriptions to purchase your books and to register for childcare if it is offered.


Mending the Soul: Understanding and Healing Abuse
by Steven R. Tracy
This ministry is led by Patti Walker; circles are facilitated by trained leaders and meet for a minimum of 14 weeks. Winter circles of Mending the Soul will begin next fall, with the days and times to be determined for each group.  Sign up now to express your interest and meet with Patti to discover if this study is a good fit for you at this time.

Mending the Soul is a healing model for abuse survivors and their caregivers. Abuse is a human issue – men, women, girls, and boys can all experience abuse.  Mending the Soul deals with verbal, spiritual, sexual, physical, and neglectful abuse. It also discusses the abuse in narcissistic family systems.  It is a ministry about God’s love and healing power in a broken world. Each circle is completely confidential, learning and working through the six stages of healing in a safe, supportive community.

Dr. Steven and Celestia Tracy, who created the program for Mending the Soul, describe it this way: “Healing is basically relearning to feel, to express and to need in a community of safe people, where nurture and comfort are the norm.  In short, unless we face the pain and truth of our victimization, we will not be able to experience healthy relationships in the present.

You can purchase the book for $16.99 and the workbook for $29.99  from by clicking the links. Scholarships are also available – just talk to your leader.

Contact pjwalker2603(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) for more information or login to inFellowship, search for “Women” under Categories, select “Mending the Soul – Women”, and sign up to express your interest.


Thursday Morning Women
Thursdays, April 13 – May 25
9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Cedarbrook Community Room
Leaders: Jen Miller, Janel Fanetti, Kristin Johnson, & LeAnn Talberg
Childcare is available if registered 
(see details below)

This circle for women will meet for 5 sessions to view a video Bible study on the book, Present Over Perfect, by Shauna Niequist.  The group will break into smaller circles to discuss the topic, using the Study Guide and reflections on the weekly readings.

Shauna invites you on a journey that changed her life.  She will help you begin leaving behind busyness and frantic living and rediscovering the person you were made to be. Present Over Perfect is a hand reaching out, pulling you free from the constant pressure to perform faster, push harder, and produce more, all while maintaining an exhausting image of perfection. She offers an honest account of what led her to begin this journey, and a compelling vision for an entirely new way to live: soaked in grace, rest, silence, simplicity, prayer, and connection with the people that matter most to us.

The study guide includes first thoughts, video notes, group discussion questions, practicing presence reflections, and solo work for you to complete between sessions.  Sessions include:

  • Pain Points
  • The Roles We Play
  • Yes, And No
  • Unflashy, Unspectacular, Good
  • Living the Love

You can purchase the STUDY GUIDE on Amazon for $7.39. The BOOK is optional and can be purchased for $12.50.  To join this circle, login to inFellowship, search for “Books/Bible Discussions” under Categories, select “Present” and sign up!

To register your child or children for childcare online, go to this inFellowship FORM, and follow the steps. Childcare for the all 5 weeks of the discussion is $20 per child or $35 per family.

Scholarships are available for both the books and childcare – just request it when you sign up.


Wednesday Mornings
Continuous through May 24
9:15 am – 10:45 am
Cedarbrook Community Room
Leaders: Cathy Jenson & Erin Bushendorf.
Childcare is available for $30/child if registered (see link below). 

These circles will read and discuss the SAMMYS curriculum Esther: God Doesn’t Call You To Hang Up on You, a series of lessons based on the book of Esther.  There are ten lessons in this series, and the group will meet for 12 sessions.  Each week has a stand-alone lesson taught to the whole group, and then discussion in smaller circles, so each time you attend, you will learn and grow through the teaching and connection with other women.  

SAMMYS circles have an atmosphere where genuine friendships are shaped, where SAMMYS Sisters learn what Christ’s love looks and feels like through prayer and sharing during discussion time. The studies are comprehensive and understandable, even if someone is unfamiliar with the Bible, yet the basic truths are challenging enough to motivate the seasoned Christian to become more Christ-like.  The curriculum addresses a woman’s whole circle of influence and challenges her to impact her corner of the world.

To join this circle, go to inFellowship, search for “Women” under Categories, select “SAMMYS Morning”, and sign up! The book containing the lessons and discussion questions costs $12. You can purchase it online and pick it up on the first day you attend. 

To purchase a book and/or to register your child for childcare online, go to this inFellowship FORM, and follow the steps. Childcare for the full 12 weeks of the discussion is $30 per child or $50 per family. If you prefer to pay for childcare weekly, the cost is $4/child or $6/family.  Scholarships are available for books and childcare – just mention your request to the leader when you sign up inFellowship.


Wednesday Evenings
April 5 – May 10
4:30 pm – 7:50 pm
– drop in
Cedarbrook Community Room
Leaders: Joyce Johnson and Tiffany Ehlert 

This circle has changed up their format for the spring. Each Wednesday for the next six weeks these women will be gathering to work on cutting, sewing, and assembling Days for Girls hygiene kits for upcoming missions trips to Honduras.  Supplies to work on will be provided, but bring a scissors, cutting mat, rotary cutter, and/or sewing machine if you can. They meet from 4:30 to 8 pm, but you can come for just a portion of the time if you’d like! This is a great time to connect socially with other women, while serving and having spiritual conversations!

SAMMY’s does not meet in the summer and then will return to a book study curriculum next fall.

To join this circle, go to inFellowship, search for “Women” under Categories, select “SAMMYS Evening”, and sign up! 


Stepping Into Freedom
Tuesdays, starting March 28
6-8 weeks
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Cedarbrook Community Room
Leader: Teresa Ayres

The purpose of Stepping Into Freedom is to help group members develop roots and steadfastness in Christ so they can confidently master the problems they encounter. Stepping Into Freedom will benefit anyone who wants to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18). We will be looking up scripture to support the unconditional love God has for us to live a daily life of hope, joy and freedom. Please bring a theme booklet and your Bible. 

To join this circle, go to inFellowship, search “Support” under Category, select “Stepping Into Freedom”, and sign up.  You can purchase the Group Members Guide through Living Free  or Christian Book Distributors for $11.00.


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