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Cedarbrook Circles

We have one goal here at Cedarbrook Church: to connect you to a growing relationship with Jesus.  That’s what Cedarbrook Circles are designed for—to help you take whatever step is next for you in that growing relationship and to do so in smaller sized gatherings throughout the year. Our Sunday morning services are an incredible way to jump-start that growing relationship, but beyond that, we believe that growth happens best when we move from long rows on Sundays into smaller-sized, midweek circles.  Why?  Because we’re better together!  We’re better in circles than we are in rows. So here at Cedarbrook, we’re working hard to make it easy for you move from rows into Circles.

Fall Circles
Fall Circles are underway! Because one of the goals of these groups is to build relationships, many of the fall circles are full.  There are still opportunities for you to circle up, however. You can view the various circles online by clicking on the Circle Type link below to find out the details of all the circles in that category. Once you find a circle that you want to join, click on the link provided to sign up! These circles will also be listed in a print catalog which can be picked up at the Information Desk.

Winter Circles will be posted by early January. If you missed joining a group this fall, be encouraged – there will be more opportunities coming your way in the Winter and Spring!

Links to Descriptions of Circles by Type:

Book & Bible Studies
Sermon Series
Support & Encouragement
Women new book study available

TO SIGN UP: Choose a circle that interests you, then click HERE to take you to our online format to sign up for a group. It’s called inFellowship and has four easy steps:

  1. LOGIN. If you’ve ever registered for classes or events at Cedarbrook, you will use the same login as before, but if you haven’t, you can easily create a profile – and then you’re IN (inFellowship).
  2. SEARCH the “Find A Group” tab at the top of the page to find the circle you want to join. Once you have found one that interests you, click on the group name.
  3. REQUEST to join the group by filling out the form on the right and clicking the “SEND” button. This request goes directly to the circle leader, so include a message, ask a question, or leave a comment
  4. CONFIRMATION will come from the leader who will officially add you to the group, and email you to confirm.  (Note that the email may come from your leader through inFellowship, appearing as from fellowshiponemail(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)activenetwork.com – be on the look-out for these emails because they might go to your SPAM folder.)
  5. SUCCESS! You’re IN! Once you have received confirmation from the leader, you will see this group listed under “Your Groups” when you login to inFellowship. From this page you can see who else is in the group, invite a friend to join you, or email the whole group to tell them how excited you are to circle up with them!

QUESTIONS?  Email circles(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)cedarbrookchurch.net or call the Cedarbrook Office at (715) 231-5433.

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