Counseling and Support

Counselling and Support

At Cedarbrook we value life change. Our mission is to help people connect to a “growing relationship with Jesus Christ.” “Growing” implies that we are continually changing for the better, maturing in our faith, character, and behavior.

If you are struggling with personal issues of concern, we would like to help you as much as we can. Following are some ways we might help you:

1. Meet with one of our pastors. Our pastors are happy to meet with you once or twice to assess your current situation, offer a biblical perspective and recommendations, as well as referrals to trained counselors.

2. Transformational Prayer. We have people who have been trained in an emotional healing process to help individuals identify sources of emotional pain (fear, anger, depression, etc.) and receive deep inner healing. This process has helped hundreds of people at Cedarbrook over the years. If you would like to meet for an introductory session with a facilitator or to learn more contact tpm(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) (Lisa Diederich). You can also read about the process here.

3. Mending the Soul. In January of 2015 we began offering support groups for survivors of abuse.  All of our facilitators have received training in the Mending the Soul program. Read more about Mending the Soul here.  To find out more about joining one of these groups, contact pjwalker2603(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) (Patti Walker).

4. Helpful books. Pastor Remy has written three books that might help address your emotional pain. Many people have found great help for issues of shame, addiction, anger, low self-worth, and loss.  His books are available in the lobby of Cedarbrook Church or on in either paperback, Kindle, or audiobook formats. Click the links to learn more:


Healing the Hurts of Your Past will help you investigate your past to find sources of hurt that are still impacting you today. It then leads you through a Bible-based process to overcome these hurts. Learn more here. final-stuck-cover

STUCK is written to help people explore their anger and find God’s help in offering forgiveness. It also explores being forgiven and how to forgive yourself. Learn more here.

return-from-exile-front-10-9-16Return From Exile is written for people who have encountered a significant loss in life that is weighing them down (loss of a loved one, divorce, abuse, etc.) and are trying to find their way back to “normal.” Learn more here.

5. Christian Counseling. Here are the names of two Christian counselors in the area: Steve Siegle and Steve Tyvol, plus there are a number of counselors at the Clinic for Christian Counseling in Eau Claire. Click on their names to email them directly about setting up an appointment.

We hope that by using one of these options, or a combination of them, you will find the freedom and hope that you are looking for.

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