Going Deeper

Going Deeper: Use the following questions for personal reflection or to discuss with family, friends, and/or small group.

  1. Remy talked about the four “chairs,” or stages, of spiritual growth. What are they and what “chair” are you in currently?

  2. What was new to you about these four stages? Have you thought about your growth in these terms before?

  3. Take a look at these passages that give an example of each chair. Compare these examples to seasons in your own life. If you’ve never gone through one of the seasons, what might this look like for you? How might you change your life to fall in line with Jesus’ model for growth?

    1. Chair One: Luke 24:13-35 – Jesus explains himself to the two and they slowly come to understand.

    2. Chair Two: Matthew 5:1-11 – Jesus teaches kingdom character (and continues through chapter 7).

    3. Chair Three: Matthew 28:16-20 – Jesus’ last words commissioning his followers to make more followers.

    4. Chair Four: John 15:1-5 – The long term effect of following Jesus…much fruit.

  4. How might your life be different if you progressed through these four stages of growth?

  5. How might Cedarbrook change if everyone who attended progressed through these four stages of growth?

  6. Imagine what Cedarbrook would be like if we get stuck at chair one, two, or three.

  7. Pray, asking God to help you and others move to the next level.




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