Going Deeper

Going Deeper: use the following questions for personal reflection or to discuss with your family, friends, and/or small group.

  1. Eric Moussambani’s story of swimming at the 2000 summer Olympics is one that can help us understand the Kingdom of God with a new perspective. Pastor Kyle described Eric as “a person who was accepted, honored, and celebrated, not because of his performance but simply because he was chosen to be there.”
  2. As you begin your going deeper questions take time to read the story of the Gibeonites in Joshua chapters 9 and 10. Are there any details of the story that stood out to you? Was there anything new in the story that helped you with the idea of “Covenant Confidence”?
  3. Describe a Covenant in your own words?
    Pastor Kyle defined it as, “The most powerful agreement between two parties: if broken, a covenant is punishable by death.”
  4. Do you feel that there is something you have done that has disqualified you from this covenant with God? Can this story of the Gibeonites cheating and lying their way into God’s Covenant help you feel more secure in your own covenant with God?
  5. What does it mean to you to have “Covenant Confidence”?
    Covenant Confidence-
    a.  Asks for God’s help
    b.  Expects a blessing
    c.  Receives honor
    d. Expects enemies to be defeated
    Do you have confidence that God will uphold his end of this covenant with you? What can you do in your own life to generate or create more “Covenant Confidence”?  To believe that God is for you and will keep his promise to you no matter what.

    Daily Readings:
    Monday: Joshua 1 and 11:1-20, Joshua leads the people into the Promised Land
    Tuesday: Judges 2, After Joshua dies, the people fail to serve God
    Wednesday: 1 Samuel 3, 7:3,4,15-17 – God calls Samuel
    Thursday: 1 Samuel 8, The people ask for a king (not good)
    Friday: 1 Samuel 9,10,13:1-14. The rise and fall of Saul

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