Going Deeper

Going Deeper: Use the following questions for personal reflection and/or to discuss with friends, family and your small group.

1.     What has been your experience in reading the Bible? What kind of impact has it had on you?

2.     Why do you think that people read the Bible less now than twenty years ago?

3.     Remy mentioned five reasons to read the Bible. What are they?

4.     What are some other reasons to read the Bible?

5.     Read Psalm 119. If you are in a small group, you might want to ask different people to read a section. What does the author say are the benefits of reading God’s word?

6.     What are some things that have helped you to develop a Bible reading habit?

7.     Visit thebibleproject.com to watch videos that help you with the Bible.

8.     Visit bible.com for an excellent online Bible with a variety of Bible plans.

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