Our Values and Beliefs

What we believe that…valuesAndBeliefs.03

  • the Bible is God’s inspired word for direction and ultimate truth.
  • God has revealed himself in a Trinity; Father, Son and Spirit, all equally God.
  • people have fallen short of what God intended and need to be restored to God.
  • Jesus Christ lived, was crucified and resurrected to restore us to God and wholeness.
  • God’s Spirit lives inside of believers and empowers them to live a new life.
  • Jesus will one day return to restore all things to God’s original purpose.
  • we have the privilege of working with God now to begin the restoration process.

At Cedarbrook, we understand that you may be in process spiritually and not necessarily able to agree with all of our beliefs. Not a problem! Though our beliefs may differ, we still welcome you to walk with us as we journey to know and experience God.

R.E.A.L.L. Values

Values are what define us and distinguish us from others. At Cedarbrook, you will see that we value:

  • R-elationships –knowing and being known in a Christ-centered community.
  • E-xcellence –giving God our best.
  • A-cceptance –embracing everyone where they are at.
  • L-ifechange –offering the hope of change to all.
  • L-aughter –not taking ourselves too seriously!

If you value these same things, then we think you will find a home at Cedarbrook.

A quick explanation of God’s Redemption Story.

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