Transformation Prayer Ministry Testimonies

Hundreds of people at Cedarbrook Church have received freedom and been transformed through the prayer ministry of TPM. Here are just a few of their stories.


  1. CR: TPM has been one of the most transformative means that God has used to help me overcome my fears, anxieties, and areas of my life where I have just felt “stuck.” I had tried dealing with many of these issues through therapy or by reading self-help books, but the TPM process helped facilitate the most lasting breakthroughs in areas I have struggled with for years, with the added benefit of deepening my relationships with both God and my family members.
  2. JA: During one TPM session, I discovered I had made a vow to myself not to share how I felt as a young child. Once that was revealed to me, I could move on and deal with the lie-based thinking in areas of my life that needed healing.  God continues to reveal truth and bring healing to me as only He can when I come to Him in prayer through a TPM Session.
  3. JA (male): With TPM I learned to recognize, relive and forgive those hurts from my childhood that helped shape me into the person I am today. With this knowledge I was able to change my thinking, my heart and the way I live my life. With God’s guidance I can walk a truer path with Christ.
  4. JE: I am so grateful for the healing I received during my time in TPM. I benefited immeasurably from the model of, inviting God in to the reflective TPM moments and listening for His input. I continue to use this model in my meditative moments. I was a mature Christian of 25 years when I embarked upon TPM. I knew the Bible well and had been through it cover to cover countless times. I’d been through a lot of Christian Counseling as well and considered myself self-aware with a great desire to go as deeply as possible in my faith journey. Yet with all that, I was surprised how much guilt and shame I had yet to deal with that TPM addressed at such a foundational level. The freedom God poured on me has been a lasting freedom. I truly don’t know how I would have endured the intense life events that followed my TPM sessions without the freedom and clear words of love.
  5. JG: TPM has made a significant improvement in my life. I used to be crabby, angry or frustrated towards others or allow others’ behaviors to affect me.  Through TPM I realized it wasn’t them that were causing my attitude, but the situation itself.  The situation stirred up emotions from past situations.  Through the TPM process, I was able to go back to each situation that brought out those same feelings I currently had, and look at the lies I was telling myself.  Once those lies were discovered, it gave room to see the truth that God had for me all along.  Years of pent up hurts were being chipped away and I was being freed from what happened to me as early as my childhood. I didn’t realize how much negativity I was carrying.  My relationship with God has also improved tremendously.  I love what TPM has done for me and appreciate the facilitators for being by my side during that journey and after!
  6. KW: I can’t believe how free I feel! It’s like a 100 pound weight has lifted off my shoulders!
  7. JW: I had long felt trapped in a little box because of my relationship with my dad as a child.  Jesus showed me that the little box never had a back on it, and that I was free to come out anytime, I was ready!  So with His blessing, I stepped out, and now feel freedom to be more myself!
  8. PW: TPM has healed physical, emotional and spiritual parts of my life.  I can’t begin to tell you how it has helped my marriage as it would take pages to explain it.  Thanks to TPM my life is happier and more peaceful.
  9. SP: Through TPM the Lord has revealed to me lies that I have believed for all of my life; lies that have kept me in bondage, especially where relationships are concerned, with little or no ability to trust.  Now I have freedom.
  10. SW: Through TPM I was released from fear and I am able to live my life with a sense of normalcy once again.

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