Transformation Prayer Ministry

Transformation Prayer has been a part of the ministry of Cedarbrook from the beginning. The love of God changes us, and TPM is a ministry where you can experience God’s love and be transformed.tpm-word-logo-color-corrected-e1460567412140

If you are struggling with addictions, anger, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, fears or phobias, guilt or shame, grief and loss, sexual identity, relationship problems, sexual abuse issues, traumatic memories or any number of other daily struggles, God wants to meet you in your pain and transform you. (Click HERE to read the stories of people who have been changed through TPM.)

Present pain and habits are rooted in your true beliefs. Your response (of pain or unhealthy habits) to any present experience is based on whatever you truly believe – those beliefs held at the core of your being, which are not necessarily what you intellectually believe is true.  These beliefs are what you “learned” experientially to be true in your past.  Transformation Prayer Ministry (TPM) is a process that looks to God, through prayer, to reveal His perspective and truth. By receiving God’s perspective and truth, you can experience lasting healing from pain and find freedom today.

Learn more about the principles and process of Transformation Prayer from the founder of this model, Dr. Ed Smith, on this webpage – CLICK HERE. Or, check out this 18 minute video presentation that walks you through the process and what happens in a TPM session. Click HERE.

TPM is not counseling but rather a ministry of prayer.  If you are seeking mental health care, please seek out a Christian mental health care provider in the area.

A ministry session consists of meeting one-on-one with a facilitator (and sometimes a prayer partner) to pray together, uncover the core beliefs that are causing the pain, and then to receive God’s perspective. These meetings are completely confidential. Our TPM facilitators are trained and experienced in the Theophostic Prayer ministry model.  (You can find out more about this prayer ministry model at  To schedule an appointment with one of our trained facilitators, or just to find out more, email tpm(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) or flodcreek(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)



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