What to Expect

Attending a new church can be intimidating. Will you stand out? Will it be awkward? Will you know what to do? That’s why our services are designed to help newcomers feel at ease. So relax! You’ll fit right in!

Dress is casual. Pick up a cup of coffee at the cafe. Our band starts with upbeat music and we follow that with a teaching from the Bible that we promise will make sense and apply to your life!

In addition to full children’s programming, we have The Lounge where you can  watch the service with your child as well as a Mother’s Room for nursing mom’s. Of course, children can join you in the service if you’d prefer. The service lasts about an hour.

Parents, be sure to check in at our children’s ministry registration desk before the service.

Current Sermon Series: The Bible’s BIG Story

May & June

More Bibles are in print than ever before but fewer people are reading them. If you’ve always wanted to know what’s in the Bible but never took the time to read it, here’s your chance to get an overview. We’ll start in Genesis and walk you through the entire Bible in six weeks. Here’s your chance…don’t miss it!

Would you like to know what people say about their Cedarbrook experience? We conducted a survey in January of 2016 and received very positive feedback. Read the survey results here.

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